English Version for Enterax

The 19 year old Akaya Hatake has no more memories of the time before his mistreatment.
He has hurted, depressed and anxious in an old ruin in a forest.
The problem is following: he is mentally seriously injured.
One day he sees a man known to him named Hibiko Aiba. This reveals to him something that turns Akaya's entire world completely upside down.
But even before Akaya can escape, Hibiko forces his injured soul to re-live his past.
Every time they approach each other, memory fragments return to the boy's memory.
As if this is not enough, an old relic is also active from a long time past. The Ancestral Council - organization for the preservation of peace - interferes.
Slowly but surely, a race against time begins. Can the world distortion, called forth by the relic, still can be stopped?
Akaya and Hibiko have to decide: love or the salvation of the world?
What will happen to Akaya? Does he ever trust other people again?
Torn between love, chaos and secular concerns, a difficult time for our friends begins in the sandy expanse of Egypt.

All pages follows! Work in progress!